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Training Programmes 2022-23

Valedictory function- Vocational training on entrepreneur development through food processing sponsored by Panancherry Service Cooperative Bank Ltd 01.08.2022

Vocational training on entrepreneur development through food processing sponsored by Panancherry Service Cooperative Bank Ltd 25.07.2022 to 31.07.2022

Off Campus Training on "Mushroom Cultivation" on 27.07.2022

ATMA Within district Training and Exposure visit (farmers of Kodakara Krishibhavan) on 26.07.2022 - "Precision Farming"

On Campus training on " Mushroom Cultivation" on 21.07.2022

ICAR-KVK Visit-Team from CARE INDIA Foundation on 21.07.2022

Training on " Fish Processing " on 20.07.2022

Off campus training on Sustainable Agriculture & Environmental stability women groups 19.07.2022

ICAR Foundation Day and Award Ceremony on 16.07.2022

Training programme on "Vegetable Cultivation and Value addition" farmers from Edathiruthy Krishi Bhavan, Mathilakam Block on 13.07.2022

Off campus training on "Nutritional rich foods" on 06.07.2022

"Agroclinic" & Exhibition as part of Njattuvela Chandha 05.07.2022 -07.07.2022

Exposure visit and Training - Farmers from Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crop, Sultanpet, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu on 28.06.2022

Off Campus training on "Importance of soil in agriculture" dtd 27.06.2022

Farmers’ Awareness Campaign on ‘Efficient and Balanced Use of Fertilizers (including Nano-Fertilizers) on 21.06.2022

On Campus training on " Flower Cultivation" dtd 20.06.2022

Off Campus training on "Food Processing" on 17.06.2022 

On Campus Training on "Precision Farming" dtd 17.06.2022

On campus training on "Mushroom Cultivation " dtd 16.06.2022

Training on "Integrated Nutrient Management" on 13.06.2022

ATMA Within district Training and Exposure visit (farmers of Adat Krishibhavan) on 14.06.2022

Training on "Integrated Nutrient Management" on 13.06.2022

Training on "Mushroom Spawn Cultivation" on 10.06.2022

Online training on "MILK PRODUCTION" as part of World Milk Day celebration 2022 dtd 01.06.2022

Off campus training on "Healthy eating habits" on 27.05.2022

Training on "Vegetable Cultivation" dtd 25.05.2022

On campus training on "Mushroom Cultivation" dtd 09.05.2022

Agricultural seminar - "Training session on Vegetable Cultivation" dtd 07.05.2022

Agricultural Seminar- "Training session on Disease management in Vegetable Cultivation" dtd 07.05.2022

On campus training on Pulse crops dtd 07.04.2022

Capacity Building programme for Agricultural Officers of Thrissur district was conducted at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Thrissur to augment the dissemination of information on the use of Cassava based biopesticides in agriculture. dtd 06.04.2022

Off Campus Training for farmers - Awareness class on the application of Cassava based biopesticides, viz., Nanma and Sreya for the management of sucking pests in vegetables dtd 05.4.2022

Class for College of Co-operation, Banking & Management Students dtd 01.04.2022

Skill Training of Rural Youth - Organic Farming 19.03.2022 to 26.03.2022

Training on "Integrated Farming System" dtd 16.03.2022

Ginger Cultivation dtd 16.03.2022

Lectured as Resource Person- Dr. Preethi Unnithan, Assistant Professor "Standard Health Care practices in Dairy farm" for VHSE 1st year students of Govt. VHSS for Girls Chengannur 14.03.2022

 Farmers Visit to KVK and Training on "Grafting"- Farmers of Peermade block about 35 numbers of Farmers visit to KVK Thrissur on 14-03-2022 under SCP ATMA scheme 2021,-22.

Agriculture workshop on Energy Conservation in Agriculture dtd 11.03.2022

Training on Integrated Nutrient Management dtd 09.03.2022 to 11.03.2022

Training on "Scientific Poultry Rearing" dtd 08.03.2022 to 10.03.2022

Off campus training on "Healthy eating habits Awareness Programme for school students" dtd 04.03.2022

Training on Agricultural Equipments dtd 03.03.2022 to 15.03.2022

Training on "Scientific Rabbit Rearing" dtd 03.03.2022 to 05.03.2022

12 days Insecticide dealers and distributors-Training field and practical session dtd 02.03.2022 and 05.03.2022

On Campus Training on 'Mushroom Cultivation' dtd 25.02.2022

Training on Scientific Goat Rearing dtd 24.02.2022 to 26.02.2022

Lectures delivered as resource person - Dr. Aneena E.R ' Project preparation guidelines for local bodies climate smart Agriculture' 22.02.2022

Off campus training on Coconut Processing dtd 22.02.2022

NABARD Linkage Training Programme Integrated Pest and Disease management in Vegetables dtd 15.02.2022

Lectured as Resource Person- Dr. Preethi Unnithan, Assistant Professor Veterinary Science KVK Thrissur handled the session on "Goat farming -sustainable management practices" 10.02.2022







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